Soviet Order of Battle In World War II, Volumes 1-12

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DESCRIPTION: "Soviet Order of Battle In World War II, Volumes 1-12" by Charles C. Sharp.

Volume 1, Soviet Tank, Mechanized, Motorized Divisions and Tank Brigades of 1940-1942 “The Deadly Beginning”. Soft cover, 99 pages.

Volume 2, Soviet Tank Corps and Tank Brigades, January 1942 to 1945 “School of Battle”. 104 pages.

Volume 3, Soviet Mechanized Corps and Guards Armored Units, 1942 to 1945 “Red Storm”. 102 pages.

Volume 4, Soviet Guards Rifle and Airborne Units, 1941-1945
“Red Guard”. 111 pages.

Volume 5, Soviet Cavalry Corps, Divisions, and Brigades, 1941-1945
“Red Sabers”. 107 pages.

Volume 6, Soviet Artillery Corps, Divisions, and Brigades, 1941-1945
“Red Thunder”. 117 pages.

Volume 7, Soviet Mountain, Naval, NKVD and Allied Divisions and Brigades, 1941-1945
“Red Death”. 124 pages.

Volume 8, Soviet Rifle Divisions formed Before June 1941 “Red Legions”. 112 pages.

Volume 9, Soviet Rifle Divisions Formed from June to December 1941 "Red Tide". 127 pages.

Volume 10, Soviet Rifle Divisions Formed From 1942-1945
“Red Swarm” 147 pages.

Volume 11, Soviet Militia Units, Rifle and Ski Brigades, 1941-1945
“Red Volunteers”. 132 pages.

Volume 12, Soviet Self-Propelled Artillery and Lend Lease Armor, 1941-1945
“Red Hammers”. 131 pages.

This is an organizational history of the Soviet Army in World War II. The 12 volumes, provide the organizational history of every unit and identifies every sub-element. It also provides brief tables of organization and equipment that list the numbers of vehicles, tanks, guns, etc.


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